April Meeting !


Points are due on April 21st!

You can still complete your points!

Upcoming Opportunities

Point Opportunities

  • A-Hall tutoring- points by hour
  • Austin Parkway STEM Night volunteering- 2 points
  • Senior College Talk- 1.5 points
  • Purple Comet- 1.5 points
  • Math study guides- 1-1.5 points
  • Integirls Math Contest-1.5 points
  • Math Trivia Instagram Post contest- 1-1.5 points
  • After Meeting Activity- 1-1.5 points

Austin Parkway STEM Night

Thursday, April 13 from 5:30-7:00 pm

2 points

Sign up to help out at APE STEM Night!  You will be helping the teachers run the activity for the elementary school kids. Sign up for which grade level you would like to help for, and then head to that hallway.






Senior College Talk

Tuesday, April 11 from 3:00-4:00 in the library

1.5 points

  • Learn about the college application process from experienced MAO seniors!
  • This is a great opportunity to start thinking about your plans for after graduation, even if you're an underclassman!
  • We understand that this process can be stressful, but you're amazing and you got this!

Request questions here:






Purple Comet

Sign up by TODAY!

A-Hall Tutoring

Math Trivia Instagram Post Contest

  • Due by April 16!
  • 1 pt for 1 poster, 1.5 for 2 posters (max)
  • Create a visually-appealing Instagram post over a unique math fact. Canva is a great tool to use!
  • The fact must be thoroughly explained. At least 3 slides
  • Email us to register for the specific trivia you are making your poster about before you make it to ensure there are no duplicate posters.
  • Best poster will win an extra .5 points

Examples of topics: Monty Hall problem, interesting paradoxes, the golden ratio in nature/architecture

INTEGIRLS Math Contest- 1.5 points

  • You should have already signed up
  • Send pictures of you competing as proof (the zoom call/pics of the test with your name clear


Math Study Guides- 1 to 1.5 point


  • Email us for approval about a topic and create a high-quality 2-3 page study guide/fmp curricula about it. Points given based on quality and thoroughness.

Induction Application

Induction Application

  • Induction application deadline: Friday, April 7
  • Requirements
    • ​Associate member
    • Completed/enrolled in Honors Geometry
    • Teacher recommendation form
      • Due Friday, April 14
  • 3 short answer questions (500 characters minimum)
  • Induction ceremony at the May banquet
  • *This year's inductees are allowed to apply for officer positions

Teacher Recommendation

  • Deadline: Friday, April 14th
  • We recommend that you ask your teacher by March 30th so that they have time to complete the form.
  • Must be a current or previous DHS MATH Teacher
  • Ask your teacher in person first (Be polite!)
  • Then, email them and CC dullesmualphatheta@gmail.com 
  • Alternatively, send a screenshot of your email to us!

Officer Application

Officer Application


  • Applications due April 7, 2023
  • Teacher Rec due April 14th, 2023 (Same rec as for induction, you don't need to request it twice)
  • 6 short answer questions with various word reqs.
  • Considerations: 
    • Participation 
    • Volunteer hours 
    • Competitions 
    • Behavior, Character, and Attitude
  • Second stage: Interviews 
    • Held in late April
  • Officer panel announced at May banquet!

Senior Scholarships

Senior Scholarships




MAO is awarding $500 in total to up to 1 outstanding senior.


  • Member for at least 1 full year (which can include 12th grade).
  • Preference for people with no demerits and completion of second semester points by April 7th.
  • Applications due April 7
  • Teacher Rec due April 14th (Different teacher rec from the other two) https://tinyurl.com/maoscholarshipteacherrec
  • Second stage: Interviews
    • Held in late April
  • Announce the recipient at our banquet!

May Banquet!

Date: TBD (Probably a Friday in May)

Will take place with SNHS

Banquet Info

  • Required for all members
  • Tickets costs will be decided soon
  • Only have to pay once if you are part of SNHS and MAO
  • If you cannot make it, email us with a valid excuse beforehand!
  • Induction ceremony, senior ceremony, officer panel announcement, and fun activities :)


  • If you have any ideas for fun activities we can do at the banquet, then email them to us!
  • We are open to any and all ideas, so don't be shy :)

Celebrating Our Seniors!


If you are playing the game, get into groups of 8.

Trashket Ball

Each group of