Ctrl + alt + delete

365 days of


taking ownership

analysing yourself

and getting feedback


  • Control yourself
  • Alter your thinking
  • Delete negativity and fear


1 year

5 months

4 days 

2. What problem r we solvin?

3, 4, 5 - respect each other,

and especially their time 

7. MISTAKES We all done a few while launching dashboard





  • Write stories
  • Plan sprints
  • Release fast
  • A / B test
  • leave only things what work


Focus on the things we can control

we can not control, 

how opponents will shoot,

but we can control how we play

Developer focus on tiny details

Life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments

  • Watch this later



Your work place

will be such

as you create 



read books

lazy to read? watch meaningfull movies

every job has work what you hate, but you can find

things you like there

we are changing the world as we know it

be kind to coworkers

* start from slack

Write 3 things,

which would improve your work

1 things to focus on?

What you need to work on that thing more efficient?

  • Coaches?
  • Trainings?
  • Books?

What is one thing what you ignore?

I pain it give you pain and you ignore it for a long time

Usualy those things is very important and give most value

Write 1 habit you will focus on this month!

  • where you will improve this year?
  • this month?
  • this week?
  • today?


No presure



The 1 General Theory of Self-Discipline Spartans




The 3 Step Success Formula



Track what gives value,

drop work what not

Be the brand of your company

Do not be defensive

if you get critics

focus on mentioned things

usually people want you to improve

not to make you feel BAD

OK, now about leadership

and never compare yourself to others

Do you know

what problems

does your college

have ?>

Rūpinuos daugiau savo produktu, nesikišu į dashboard ir kitus

Let godzilla over complicate it


Started doing 1on1s way too late

Gal per jautriai reaguodavau

i kritika


Rūpinuos daugiau savo produktu, nesikišu į dashboard ir kitus

Not pushed to make task more specific - so had to rework them later

Estimating to optimistic and not doing tasks by priority

Confused women's name with man's name. Though Gilian is a guy

While working in excel I forgot to link the data and was in great confusion for longer period where did i go wrong. So, it is not linking the data while writing the formula in excel

Underestimating blockchain, it technically has more complexity  than I thought.

Underestimating the complexity and overlooking the caveats behind the popular APIs and frameworks.

Make backups on Digital Ocean before rebooting the vm.

Underestimated the difficulty of accounting crypto finances

One of the mistakes I was doing (I still do sometimes) is that I was going nitty-gritty on all the things (products, ideas, etc.) instead of seeing the things from top to bottom, from a macro view. It's good to know the details, but it's very good to also see the bigger picture.