Pedagogues Unite

Working Together to Promote Academic Integrity

Quinn Johnson (CEGEP Champlain – St. Lawrence) & Alex Enkerli (Collecto/Eductive)

April 13, 2023


From workshops to texts

  • Teachers’ concerns on ChatGPT

  • Broader context on OpenAI

  • Local workshop at St. Lawrence

  • Paths to solution

  • Eductive Article

  • This workshop

Working Together

Our proposal

Promoting academic integrity in an empowering way

Shared Conversation

Write in the chat

Try not to use ChatGPT

Ça peut être en français

We’ll share afterwards

How might we promote academic integrity as a network of pedagogical counsellors?

– Quinn & Alex

OUR Roles?

What roles do we play?


We've been here before


A Guide to Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism

How has your conception of academic integrity changed since ChatGPT was introduced?

Stepping Back

Why does academic integrity matter?

Contributing to these threads?

Teams Threads


Do you perceive ambiguities related to ChatGPT?

Potential Risk

«Point de vigilance»


Trust but verify

Paths to Solution

  • Authentic assessment
  • Integrating references
  • Iterative assignments
  • Transparent use
  • Skills at identifying AI mistakes
  • Detection tools
  • ...

How are we planning to address these issues for Fall 2023?

Planning Ahead