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by the end of this, you should be able to say you can...

  1. Make and assign Issues

  2. Track issues with Milestones

  3. Make a Projects Kanban board

  4. Create multiple Wiki pages

  5. Start a Discussions post

Prerequisite knowledge

What is a GitHub repository?


If you are not sure, read the below statement from GitHub:

"A repository contains all of your project's files

and each file's revision history."

like a post-it

one well-defined idea with small scope

At A Minimum

A Title and a Comment

If You Can


  • Assign Assignees
  • Add Labels
  • Associate to a Project
  • Associate to a Milestone

like a storyboard

a set of ideas with some end (semantic versioning)

like a to do list

a set of lists to keep track of ideas

like chapters, not just a synopsis

a set of documents to explain

like a forum

a place for repository-specific communication

Take-aways (revisited)

can you now...

  1. Make and assign Issues?

  2. Track issues with Milestones?

  3. Make a Projects Kanban board?

  4. Create multiple Wiki pages?

  5. Start a Discussions post?

My personal favorites

  1. Good enough practices in scientific computing
    Wilson, et al, PLOS Computation Biology, 2017.

  2. Atlassian Git Tutorials - It's not just Atlassian Git education.

  3. GitHub Features - "Built for developers", but really everybody...

Old Slides Beyond This Point

Git is version control

a way to preserve the history of changes

Edit & Save

one person or many people collaboratively

Reproducible Git

anyone can make exact copies at exact versions

Scenario 1: Merging changes

I have processing pipeline code that is missing a new option.
Kathy has already developed and tested that code out.
We can work together to merge Kathy's changes into my version.


Scenario 2: Restoring old stuff

Anders changed some analysis code to add a feature.

His new change breaks Oscar's old analysis.

Oscar can restore the old version and avoid the new changes.

DEMO: GitHub in action

  1. Use Search to find the ABCD-STUDY GitHub organization
  2. Open the abcd-dicom2bids repository
  3. Browse the src folder
  4. Go back to the top of the repo and Clone or download
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