Building efficient workflows for the rapid review of time sensitive research

Adam Hyde

Adam Hyde

Coko Founder


Shuttleworth Fellow
Founder Book Sprints
Founder Cabbage Tree Labs
Technical Advisor OA Switchboard
Management Board EIFL
CoFounder Coalition for Open Access Publishing Infrastructures in Africa (NZ)


Build publishing platforms (work for hire)

Build Community

Consultancy Services

All Open Source (MIT) (SF/Global)


COVID + Preprints

  • Enormous influx of COVID Preprints

  • Quickly researchers were drowned in information

  • Difficult to discern good from bad

First Response

  • Various orgs emerged to manage community preprint reviews

  • Adhoc + Bespoke toolset (no preprint platforms)


  • Novel Coronavirus Research Compendium (NCRC) (Johns Hopkins)





Typical Journal Workflow


Design Principles of Kotahi

  • All workflows have the same steps (create, review, publish, curate) but in a different order

  • Design with Users (including researchers)

  • Spaces, not functions

  • Avoid code enforced workflow prescriptiveness

  • Avoid multiple roles when one will do

  • Single Source

  • 1+1 Design System

  • Features are always abstractions

  • Realtime Comms, presence indicators etc


Publish-Review-Curate Journal Workflows

Sciety’s mission is to grow a network of researchers who evaluate, curate and consume scientific content in the open. In doing so, we will support several long-term changes to scientific communication:

  • Change peer review to better recognize its scholarly contribution
  • Shift the publishing decision from editors to authors
  • Move evaluation and curation activity from before to after publication

Our community-driven technology effort is producing an application that can support the changes in behaviour required to secure this future.

Building efficient workflows for the rapid review of time sensitive research

Adam Hyde