by Frank Kloeker 


  • Capital of Japan                 
  • 7800 km far away - from Helsinki
  • 9M residents (37M region, i.e Mitaka)
  • 14k people / sqkm
  • language: japanese (of course)
  • english for foreigners
  • earthquakes: still normal


  • 220 MBit LTE speed
  • Free WiFi most all
  • It's all clean everywhere
  • much staff on the street
  • smoking prohibited in public
  • using mobile phones also
  • most seen ad in TV: about rice!
  • the toilet has a heating :-)

Public Holidays

  • January 1 New Year's Day
  • January 12 Coming of Age Day
  • February 11 Foundation Day
  • March 21 Vernal Equinox Day
  • April 29 Shōwa Day
  • May 3 Constitution Memorial Day
  • May 4 Greenery Day
  • May 5 Children's Day
  • May 6 Substitute holiday
  • July 20 Marine Day
  • September 21 Respect-for-the-Aged Day
  • September 22 Public holiday
  • September 23 Autumnal Equinox Day
  • October 12 Health and Sports Day
  • November 3 Culture Day
  • November 23 Labour Thanksgiving Day
  • December 23 The Emperor's Birthday
*) when a national holiday falls on a Sunday, the next working day shall become a public holiday
let's start the presentation...

Provide Openstack in over 14 languages


Microsite Monitoring in realtime worldwide (pretty cool), Cloud Resource Monitoring, Live Deployment in Container

Klick on You
tube link for show the story
  • Running multiple Openstack Cluster for mission critical services
  • Unpredictable burst (i.e. earthquake)

NTT (similar to Deutsche Telekom) wons the OpenStack Superuser Award as a company with most of attention in OpenStack

  • Got a lot attention from the Openstack Foundation.
  • Basiclly they bringing main application like Gitlab or SugarCRM on different Cloudstacks (by develop shell scripts)
  • Mostly known by Amazon Marketplace with the 1-Click-Installation

Get OpenStack to speak your language - OpenStack I18n Team Introduction

  •  (thats why I'm here)
  • Ying Chun Guo, Carlos Munoz, Kato Tomoyki
  • Introducing translation work and Zanatha
  • Provideded Liberty in 14 languages

Know-how of Challlenging Deploy/Operation NTT Docomo's Mail Cloud System Powered by OpenStack Swift

  • NTT Docomo is similar to T-Mobile and T-Online-Email-Service
  • Moved email system to openstack swift as object store
  • shared not so much information - also not to swift developer ;-)

Running an OpenStack Cloud for Several Years and Living to Tell the Tale (RedHat)

  • experience with Openstack over years:
  • developed images with puppet modules and applies manifest masterless
  • logging
  • monitoring (internal and for customer), external backup
  • lots of tips & tricks also for ceph, mongodb and all the stuff
  • maybe some interesting things

Rackspace: Managing Medical and Health Data With OpenStack, a Wearable Sensor, and Smart Apps

  • Anne Gentle and Justin Shepherd talking about managing medical and health data in the cloud.
  • Rackspace provides infrastructure but that it's nothing
    if there nor application available.
  • Talking about personal experience with diabetics. Measure the blood sugar with an adapter, send them via bluetooth to iphone,
    store the data in the cloud, let subscriber read the data from each place of the planet,
  • looking for more usecases

The Containers Ecosystem, the OpenStack Magnum Project, the Open Container Initiative, and You!

  • IBM session
  • Docker container are now full integrated in Liberty with Magnum
  • There are build standards for containtering in the near future, i.e and

Day 2 Keynote presented by Mark Collier

  • Project with most actictivies: Neutron,
  • provided APIs will increase  (VPN, Firewall, BGP, MPLS, network for containering)
  • underlined the Core Services in Liberty and the new tend for all the other services
  • provided 4g network with 220 MBit/s for end user
  • developed on 5G which is 1000x faster. will deliver 2018/2020
  • developed "net" operating system with openstack
  • complete new network monitoring in 3d
  • note: on the same time of the presentation released the EU a new draft about netneutrality which makes the peoply angry

pass the way to the paas (Symantec)

  • Build your stack
  • Reduce complexity
  • Reuse components
  • Build for production
  • Minimize Ubuntu Edition
  • Tools: diskimage-builder, Oz, Packer
  • Test: KitchenCI, ServerSpec, Specinfra
  • Solinea consult companies to build

PayPal's Cloud Journey From Folsom to Kilo -- What We Learned in the Upgrade


Building an Operations Team From The Ground Up in an OpenStack Enterprise Production Environment

NTT's Journey With OpenStack

  • Don't be greedy
  • Find a way to live with community code
  • Don't change the original Openstack Code
  • Report Bugs to the community
  • Wait or fix it self
  • Try to live with this (workaround: closing APIs)
  • Contributing things
  • Build HA solution for VM

Solinea: It's Golden: Best Practice Cloud Operating System Images

  • 50% workload for consulting.
  • What needs the customer, partner, other departments.
  • minimize  structures and functional

Ansible Collaboration Day

(without recording, but Etherpad)
  • Complete open discussion
  • Ansible people want to hear experience from the people interacting on Etherpad

Turning Pets into Cattle

Roll your own images with Packer

  • Provides templates for building images and stores the image on Openstack

Monitoring with Monastka

  • Useful for really scaleout
  • Provide API for measurements (like Sensu)
  • works with agents and messaging service

Ansible vs. Puppet vs. Chef

Heat with cloud-init + cloud-config


Day 4: Design Summit

talking in working groups on the upcoming release

Etherpad I18N

Etherpad Docs

...that was my personal scheduler on the summit


And that are main topics at the conference:

  • meeting people
  • get information
  • do announcements
  • collaborate
  • go into discussions
  • get souvenirs :)

It takes me 3 years to understand the idea behind OpenStack and the Community. I flew 8000 km and met 6000 people who share this idea and work on it."


Links and more information