Embedded Systems Design

Real Time Operating System
Typical OS
(user level)
Generic Linux System
What is a RTOS?
is an OS that is used in computer systems that needs strict completion deadlines.
RTOS Abstraction Layer
Embedded RTOS
Why use an RTOS?
there are certain applications that require a large number of external events to be processed in a short period of time.
  • Network Multimedia Systems
  • Command Control Systems
  • Heart Pacemaker
  • Anti-Lock Break System
  • Flight Control Systems
Heart Pacemaker
Telephone Switches
Video Conference
Components of RTOS
Most Popular RTOS (2021)
Factors for Selecting an RTOS
  • Security
  • Environment
  • Features
  • Middleware
  • Performance
Install Arduino FreeRTOS
FreeRTOS Examples
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