PHP micro framework 
for people who love 
minimalism and simplicity 


  • Promotes code reuse
  • Speed up the coding process by reducing the amount of  overhead code to write like database access, caching and session management
  • Data validation and sanitation 
  • URL mapping and management 
  • Security 
  • Code is easier to maintain within an architecture
  • Don't use a bazooka to clobber a fly!

out of the box

  • Action-Domain-Responder accessed from browser and CLI
  • Request Manager POST, GET, CLI and SERVER
  • Response Manager sending HTTP cache friendly headers
  • Router Switch & URLs Generator
  • Hybrid View HTML, JSON, Haanga, Twig, PIMF-Vanilla
  • Session & Cache File, PDO, Memcached, APC / APCu, Redis, Wincache, DBA
  • Data Mapper MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server
  • Error Handler & Logger errors, warnings, debugging, info
  • Happy Utils Farm XML, JSON, String, Validation, Filtering, Serializer, File, Uploaded, Identifier, Message, Header
  • Events build de-coupled apps and tap into the core

not in the box

  • Queues & Tasks better use Beanstalkd or Gearman
  • Mailer please take a look at GitHub.com
  • ORM heads over Doctrine, RedBeanPHP or Propel
  • Form Builder do we realy need it?
  • Authentication, ACL find one at PEAR, GitHub or Composer
  • T9N, L10N, I18N, Math, RSS and much more - please search at internet, there are a tons of proven extensions and libraries.

Quick starters

  • PIMF-Blog using SQLite
  • PIMF-Blog using MySQL and SQLite
  • PIMF-Vanilla 
  • PIMF-Haanga 
  • PIMF-Twig

You will see - PIMF is easy to learn!

thank you!

Gjero Krsteski

Agilist, passionate programmer, 
serial trainer, speaker, 
husband, father and musician!