Thousands of ESP32s:

Device Management for ESP-IDF based devices

Golioth at Espressif DevCon 2022

About Chris

Chris Gammell

@chris_gammell on twitter

  • Developer Relations Lead at Golioth
  • 20 years hardware development
  • Worked at places like ABB, Samsung, Supplyframe, Keithley, Hologram
  • Most recently was a hardware and firmware consultant.

About Mike

Mike Szczys

@szczys on twitter

  • Developer Relations Engineer at Golioth
  • 15 years of firmware experience
  • Previously: Editor in Chief of Hackaday

About Nick (not present)

Nick Miller

  • Firmware Lead at Golioth
  • Author of the Golioth ESP-IDF SDK
  • Formerly of Cruse and Spindance

Learning Objectives

  • Understand challenges of large fleets

  • See Golioth in action on Espressif parts

  • Learn how you can more easily

    • Collect sensor data

    • Control individual devices in your fleet

    • Initiate Over-The-Air updates

    • and more!

Who is this talk for?

Hardware / Firmware designers...

Hardware / Firmware designers...

who don't want to need to become cloud experts...

Hardware / Firmware designers...

who don't want to need to become cloud experts...

But still want to be able to build and control a lot of hardware

Challenges in creating IoT fleets

Actions taken on one device starts to break down at 10s, 100s, or 1000s of devices

Scripting gets more complex and opaque

As your team grows, the tools and methods need to shift towards people that aren't deep domain experts

Resources that might have been installed locally now need to scale on the cloud

Managing a database starts to look more and more like a job

Monitoring whether devices are online scales linearly while your available time does not

Plugging in a cable to reprogram one device gets really burdensome

Golioth is a device management platform

(and more)

Fleet Management Console



Different concepts for getting data onto and off of different devices

LightDB State

LightDB Stream

Settings Service

Remote Procedure Calls

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

Additional features once data
has gotten to the Cloud

Organize your devices

Organize your devices

View live data with multiple viewpoints

3rd party output streams

Why we built it

Standardized setup across hardware

  • FreeRTOS

  • Fully integrated Network stack (lwip)

  • mbedTLS

  • Easy to pull in CoAP support

  • Espressif did all the heavy lifting

Example code helped us bootstrap

  • CoAP client specifically helped us

  • We weren't starting from scratch

  • Great documentation and examples for firmware updates.


Golioth helps you to hyperscale your device fleet and still understand what is happening on each device.

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