Assignment 3


Due 3 / 22 !

is a processing framework!

3D Slicer

Target User

Dr. Rudolph Pienaar

3/22 10:00a



uses highfrequency sound waves

Humans can hearĀ 

20Hz to 20kHz

Extremely Popular

View the uterus and ovaries during pregnancy and monitor the developing baby's health

Diagnose gallbladder disease

Evaluate blood flow

Guide a needle for biopsy or tumor treatment

Examine a breast lump

Check your thyroid gland

Detect genital and prostate problems

Assess joint inflammation (synovitis)

Evaluate metabolic bone disease

Quartz crystals vibrate to create sound

US Probe

Tissue reflects the sound waves

completely non-invasive

Jelly to aid transmission





Bone absorbs Ultrasound!

We can't see tissue behind bones.

Non-Destructive Testing

An NYPD officer stands ready with the LRAD 500X at an Occupy Wall Street protest on November 17, 2011

A LRAD on top of a New York City police Hummer.

Long Range Acoustic Device


Studies have found that exposure to high intensity ultrasound at frequencies from 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz can cause lung and intestinal damage in mice.

1 - 18 MhZ

Ultrasound Modes


Amplitude Mode

Reflection Intensity

No Localization!

Ultrasound Modes


Brightness Mode

Reflection Intensity

with Localization!

Traditional US!

Ultrasound Modes


Motion Mode

Reflection Intensity over Time

with Localization!

Ultrasound Modes


Doppler Mode

Reflection Intensity w/ Blood Flow over Time

with Localization!

3D Ultrasound!

2d images from different anglesĀ 

stitched together

more expensive

Although there are no confirmed biological effects on patients caused by exposures from present diagnostic ultrasound instruments, the possibility exists that such biological effects may be identified in the future. Thus ultrasound should be used in a prudent manner to provide medical benefit to the patient.

It's all numb3rs...

CS480 Lecture 19

By Daniel Haehn

CS480 Lecture 19

Slides for CS80 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing at UMass Boston. See!

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