Event Content Type

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This content type is very similar to other content types. However, this content by default is handled through a view. We are going to start by adding a piece of news content type. To do that, go to Content --> Add Content --> Event

Where you begin

As you can probably tell, there is a similar look and feel to the backend of this and all content types. Fill out the fields you have information for and want to fill out. The fields for this content type are as followed:

  • Title
  • Event Date
    • ​Start Date
    • End Date
  • Event Time
    • ​Start Time
    • End Time
  • Body


Event Content Type

Now that you have completed your piece of news content, you actually do not need to worry about where and how this informational content is displayed. The events view takes care of that all for you.  To help optimize the display of your events view, you can see below what fields display where from the event content type to the events view.

Events View


Event Date

Event Time

You have completed the

Event Content and View Walkthrough

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