Landing Page Hero Looping Video

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The enhancements that this slideshow goes over is available on the landing page content type.

If you are adding an enhancement to your current landing page, you will just have to find that piece of content (either go to the bottom of the page itself and click edit, or search for it in the content view but clicking content in the admin menu). This is a walkthrough of creating the content type and then adding the enhancements. To start, go to content-->add content-->landing page.

Where you begin

Next, you are going to want to go to the section called "Hero Slide Item" under Main Content tab. There will then be section under each hero landing page item called "Slide Background". Here you will have several options, one of those being video. Expand that item and you will be given a place to upload your video file.


Back end of Landing Page content type

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Landing Page Hero Looping Walkthrough

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