Nodes and Content Types

In this lesson you will learn about what are nodes and different content types within Drupal. This covers the different content types users can create with examples of each.

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  • All content within Drupal are stored and treated as nodes. A node is any piece of individual content, such as a page, news article, person, slideshow slide, etc.
  • Treating all content as nodes allows the flexibility to create new types of content. It also allows you to painlessly apply new features or changes to all content of one type.

What is a Node?

  • Basic Inner Page - a page that is added to the Menu of the site
  • Blog - a single post on the Blog page
  • Department - a department within HMS or affiliate  
  • Event - create an event to be displayed on site
  • Landing Page - main page for specific content
  • News - a single News item on the News page
  • People - a member of Faculty or other person that is profiled on the People page
  • Photo Album - a collection of photos to be displayed as an album within the gallery

Content Types

Basic Inner Page




Landing Page



Photo Album

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Nodes and Content Type Walkthrough

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