Uploading and Editing Images and Media

In this lesson you will learn how to upload and edit images and media on your Drupal site.

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To upload an image within your content, go to the Body WYSIWYG and in the toolbar you will see a little image of a photo. That is the module used within Drupal to upload images and other media items. Click that to enter the file browser and server interface.

This pop-up window will appear when the photo icon is clicked. There are a few different items to go over, but first we want to get the media uploaded to the file server. If the piece of content you want is already on the website, you will still be going to the same location to retrieve it, so whatever option suites your situation, click Open File Browser.

If you are trying to find already existing media, try following the folder structure that would best lead you to that piece of media. To upload new media, please go to the folder that best represents the department, media, and content. This will make it easier to find this piece of media at a later time. For example, if you are uploading an image on the External Education page on the flagship, you would go to the education folder, and there will be a sub folder there called img

For this example, we are in the Vanderbilt Hall folder within the Departments folder and we are going to be uploading an image. Since it is an event, go to the Event-images folder. Once you are in that desired folder, click the upload button and add file.

The media item that was just uploaded will then appear in the folder and also be displayed as a preview, you can then select Select.

The file server has now closed and you are back to the original popup window. You now must fill out the Alternative text field which would be text describing the image. You also have options to align the image, as well as adding a caption. When everything is to your liking, click Save.

When that window closes, you will be brought back to the WYSIWYG. It is much easier now to adjust the size and location of the image directly in the Body section. The image uploaded here was too large, so I centered the image and making it smaller to fit the page as well as look better.

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Adding Media and Images Walkthrough

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