Why Vue.js ?

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to learn
  • Flexible
  • Performance


Easy to learn



New Paradigm

Web Front-End = JQuery 


$('a').click (function () {/* blabla */ }).css ({/* some css here */});


var links =  document.querySelectorAll("a")
for ( var i =links.length; i--; ) { 
    var l = links[i];
    l.addEventListener("click", function(){  //bla bla},true);
    l.style.someCssAtrribute = 'someValue'

Pure JS

Write Less, Do More

2009 != 2018

SPA? WebPack? Babel? VirtualDom?

What the f*ck is that

As time passes, we have to change

Problems with previous code

We don't need JQuery anymore

Dom, Virtual Dom

Style Guide

Things to Consider Before Start Using Vue.js


Vue.js On Live Service


Where Smart Logistics Happen

  • Client Web Page
  • Client App
  • Driver App
  • Carrier Web Page
  • Carrier App
  • Admin Web Page

80+ Database tables

300+ APIs

Pages of products

Just Two Software Engineers including Myself

Due date 3month

Time Cost

Front-end  >  Back-end

Don't worry, we got Vue.js

We did it

What I've Learned

Any Questions ?