Sexist mirrors

distortion of the gender binary & the patriarchy of

internet economy

it's political, it's not  comfortable and you can take breaks

I do not pretend to represent or speak on behalf of  womanity or on behalf of all diverse-self-defining-not-conforming individuals.


I acknowledge my privileges, and I acknowledge solidarity as a political practice of love and recognition.


hvale vale

a due feminist disclosure

The different degree of sexism 

from the unpleasant to the aggression

women/feminists/activists have no sense of humor

the right to disagree and the freedom of using creative variation

of the F* word

"If you cannot stand the space or the critics you should leave!"

Who are the intermediary of our Internet interactions and which responsibility they hold?

moneys moneys moneys

the big five

the term of use

The hosts say they are not responsible because they are just platform not media organizations, content is a responsibility of the user, still users are not shareholders of the platform

They give us algorithms of happiness,  they frame our  news-timelines, they mainstream binary as metadata!


  • How established and independent our (country) institution are? The citizenry rights divide, old vs fragile democracies
  • The slow pace of institution and the fast speed of the Internet
  • The hierarchy of reaction as hierarchy of value (terrorists - suspension of rights/state of emergency vs safety from violence)


  • Capitalism: the success of one via personal data of the many
  • The ToS meaningless consent
  • The false myth of empowering shared economy: exploited contractors without ownership and rights
  • The technology hegemony: the internet of things and the extractive industry

the public/private world

There is a small world of users with 24/7 internet broadband access.

This small world is shaped by "the winning" western-white-male narrative.

The powerful of the small world shapes the bigger less connected or yet-to-be-connected world.

so what next, shall we have our force awaken?

what are we missing? how is in real life?

Informal cultural norms and exclusionary practices

what are feminist internet activists advocating for?

  • Protection?
  • Censorship?
  • Safe Space?

which feminism we speak and promote online

It's always about sex/sexuality

the dividing 'issues' of feminism

  • Sex workers
  • Pornography
  • Abortion
  • Trans person

Do we know the trollers, the perpetrators?

do we understand how the Internet work?

  • Access
  • Agency
  • Economy
  • Expression
  • Movement Building


Internet Infrastructure

Sex, Sexuality, Relationships

Agency & Autonomy

Anonymity and Privacy
Security and Surveillance



Technology driven

Ownership Shifting

Exploitation/Mining trade



Internet Governance
Intersectionality and cross movement building




Are privacy and anonimity desired rights?

principles of the internet

to reflect on sexism and sexist hate speech we need to work on the intersection of:

Internet rights, women rights, technology, privacy, sexual rights ...

The solidarity of the networked

boundaries are blur

there are no ready recipy

keep calm, stay self-centred, aware, connect on the ground as online and believe that you can make it

So why Ada Lovelace?

Because code is power and moderation should be based on an ethic of care

People current responses

civil society, informal groups, individuals/hacktivists

Counter narratives: alternative genealogy, language diversity,

Awareness, irony and solidarity (off line as much as online)


The peng! collective, #takebackthetech


Self-help for sexists in six simple steps

online attack against #TakeBacktheTech

On 9 October 2015, misogynists, trolls and a variety of people who associate with the #Gamergate hashtag decided to occupy and corrupt the #TakeBackTheTech and #ImagineAFeministInternet hashtags by posting thousands of anti-feminist and misogynistic tweets and memes


just remember that long time ago Anonymous where troll

Anonymous emerged out of an enormously popular and anonymous image board, 4chan. It was primarily associated with a phenomenon—trolling—known at times to unfold there. Trolling on 4chan often consists of an unpredictable combination of the following: telephone pranking, having many unpaid pizzas sent to the target's home, DDoSing, and most especially, splattering personal information, preferably humilating, all over the Internet.

our tools

  • Anonymity
  • Playing Identities: fake, multiple, collective
  • Counter-speech
  • Blocking Block Together and Block Bot
  • Swarming -creating communities of support
  • Creating Bots against trolls
  • Take control over technology
  • Reviewing and renaming the representation of the own self (the personal bias)
  • Exploring alternative spaces


solidarity again

Solidarity is a political act but is trans-formative if done with/for love

Sexist hate speech is a symptom not the cause / root

Censoring, filtering is the contemporary form of the old "taboo", hide do no cure

Investing in Coding - tech is not neutral

Moderation - user control

Language diversity - real access

Intersectional people governance of the internet


Sources and resources

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