youth linc:

 linking innovators who network for change

"Cultural Citizenship"

a sense of belonging and 
responsibility slightly 
different from the rights 
and duties of formal citizenship

NETworking in the digital AGE

introducing to each others:

What you would like to change or improve?
About yourself?
About your country?
About the world?

What stands out as most important to you? 
What issues are you passionate about? 
What would motivate you to act?

Human Rights in the Internet

The impact of internet on Human Rights

by APC

A video

Social Networking
Heart of the Digital Age 
History Day 20

a video done by a user



Generation 2.0

Generally, today’s youth
—those born between 1977 and 1997—
are known as the Millennial Generation. 
This group shines as one of the most dynamic, concerned,

 and civic-minded generations in history.

The Millennials are:

Politically Involved 

Civically Active

Tech Savvy


the Web 2.0 era

     • A massively connected world 
     • The network effect
     • Users as cocreators 
     • Decentralization
     • Openness
     • Remixability
     • Emergent

(Ben Rigby, Mobilizing Generation 2.0 A Practical Guide to Using Web 2.0 Technologies to Recruit, Organize, and Engage Youth)