“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”Walt Disney

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In the heart of every child, there is a hope. . . a dream. . . an ideal. . .
a fantasy.

A vision of HEAVEN. . . out of which new worlds of imagination are born!

Do you have a HEAVEN inside you?

A place as big as the heart of a child!

Anna Carolina Isreal, age 12, Brazil

Ella Gordon-Latty, age 12, New Zealand

The world's largest school art program—                            the 6th Arts Olympiad—will by year's end                            identify the leading child artists in the
U.S. and some 100 other countries.

The Arts Olympiad winners will convene
at the 6th World Children's Festival in
Washington, D.C. in July 2020. For three
days at the National Mall, they will p
their personal HEAVEN for everyone to


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The ten best, most heavenly, murals that our child-artists create, will become the building blocks for VR HEAVEN.

By harnessing the genius of the industry’s giants and leveraging the best technologies for 3D CONVERSION and 360 CAPTURE, we'll bring HEAVEN closer to reality.

It will be educational and entertaining, a therapeutic journey, a transformative experience that engages and benefits millions of children worldwide.

As a therapeutic journey or a transformative experience, VR Heaven can benefit a few million or potentially hundreds of millions worldwide.

VR Heaven will:
- Bring joy and comfort to nearly one-third of U.S.       teens who feel depressed because of stress  
- Provide comfort to some of the 2.5 million                   patients at the 14,000 or so treatment centers
- Bring hope to some of the 48,000 youth in                   juvenile detention
- Enhance palliative care in nursing homes
- Bring a joyful activity to children's hospitals
- Facilitate interfaith discussion in schools or                  colleges

Dr. Ashfaq Ishaq, Founder/Chair, International Child Art Foundation.

Dr. Thomas Furness, Professor at the University of Washington and Chairman of the Virtual World Society

Marie Graham, Director, Virtual and Augmented Reality Center, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

Dr. Bakhtiar Mikhak, Co-founder, Media Modifications and Lecturer at Harvard University.

Rabbi Michael Shevack, Founder of The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism and former Madison Avenue Creative Director.

Dr. Brenda Wiederhold, President of Virtual Reality Medical Center, and CEO of Interactive Media Institute.

Are you VeRy interested?

You can apply to join our Advisory Board.

VR businesses can help produce VR HEAVEN.

VR HEAVEN can help increase VR business.


You can also help by making a tax-deductible donation to ICAF, which is independently ranked among the 25 Top Children's Charities in the United States.   



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We can all learn from the children of the world and realize that our next generation has the passion, creativity and empathy to shape the future and build a better world. - Vice Admiral John P. Currier, United States Coast Guard

What you are doing reflects such a refreshingly integrated view of children's development -- a much-needed perspective in a time when children's growth and learning often seem to be approached in a very reductionistic, fragmented way.
- Professor Martha Farrell Erickson,  University of Minnesota