"We offer competitive scholarships through our Gaming & Technology Programs"

IGL Youth Program

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IGL Digital Arts Training & Video Gaming

This year we will be providing two versions of our digital arts programs and gaming clubs for students.

1) Hands-on training at our New Orleans location

2) Virtual training via our weekly training streams on EEZERS.com

Students will be able to stay connected to club activities, leagues, personal portfolios & videos both onsite and online.

The IGL Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring people together to learn, compete and play.

We leverage the popularity of the video game industry through hosting tournament Fundraising events, which in turn we are able to provide a low cost exciting Digital Arts curriculum that revolves around the core learning programs included in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. 

Over the years we have hosted dozens of STEM Programs and gaming events at local New Orleans schools.  These events showcase educational seminars, local businesses, animation and video workshops, gaming tournaments and much more.  The goal is to be both fun and educational, while at the same time better preparing students to be a part of today’s technology-driven workforce economy.

About the IGL Foundation

Youth D.A.T.A program & Youth Esport League

Open to all students grades 5th-12th

One program two Leagues

Students are open to participate in one or both Leagues throughout the year.Each League will start off with our same basic STEM base training which encompasses a introduction into creative design. We also  provide many Special guest to come in to talk more about jobs within the field of Gaming, Technology & Design. Youth Competitive Video Gaming tournaments & events will also be hosted at our school location throughout the year.

STEM Competitions

Video Gaming Competitions


Online Plattform

Everything within our program is all done on eezers.com.

This will be source for all day to day activities, events, workshops, online classes, teacher support and more.

We will be broadcasting an online stream for trainings & gaming which is accessible live through EETV.

We also will be creating follow up videos of each class which can be found on EETV.

The  Student D.A.T.A. Youth League is an educational competition, similar to that of a Science Fair or Spelling Bee, which allows students to compete and display their applied knowledge of our STEM training.

The IGL Foundation along with the New Orleans Microsoft™ Store will be providing on-site training and assistance throughout the year to both middle and high school students; with all student work showcased and accessible at any time on EEZERS.

In this year’s competition, students will complete various projects based on their STEM training within our IGL Foundation guideline; points will be awarded for skill, teamsmanship and final presentation.

The season concludes in June at the 2019 NOLA Gaming Festival, where top  individual competitors will receive awards, scholarships, prizes and internship opportunities all  based on there season results.

What is the Student D.A.T.A League?

Similar to other traditional school sports, the Youth & High School Student Esport League provides a fun, competitive and team building experience for all those participating as well as spectating.

Throughout the year only students in the Youth Program will get a chance to create there own gaming content, tournaments and challenges that will all run on our platform EEZERS.

Each tournament will feature both team and individual game play as well as a selection of game genres to choose from: Action, adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy and/or sports.

Student team members can compete in any of the games available; circuit points will be awarded on event level and placement.

Points accumulated throughout the season go toward the student as well as the team that student represents.

At the end of the season, after all points are tallied, the top teams and top individual competitors will receive awards and prizes.

What is the Student Esports League?

 Onsite Program Capabilities

  •         Digital Arts Training
    • Student D.A.T.A. League
    • Weekly Projects
    • Daily Open Lab/Onsite Teacher Support
    • Weekend Workshops
  •          Student Esport League
    • Weekly LAN & Online Tournaments
    • Student hosting & Streaming
    • Video Gaming Content Creation
    • Onsite Casual Gaming
    • Weekend Onsite Gaming Tournaments

Onsite Programing

Students are able to enter in any contest at any point throughout the year. All training, including assistance with projects will be provided.Online student are limited to Projects they can choose because of software & training restraints.

Winners of each competition can earn a minimum of $1,000 in scholarship stipends

Competition Categories

  • Create your own Cartoon
  • Create your own Game
  • Create your own Short Film or Video Content
  • Create your own business Website & App

DATA Scholarship Projects

Onsite Program

Online Training

  • Create your own Cartoon
  • Create your own Game using Gamesalad Software only
  • Create your own Short Film or Video Content
  • Create your own App

 DATA  Online Training Lab Scheduling






6:00 pm

10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 pm

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

3:00 pm

4:00 pm

5:00 pm


(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

Digital Arts  Training  

Digital Arts Training  

Digital Arts Training  

Digital Arts Training  

Gaming Club & High School eSports   

(Students can choose weekly "Open Lab" times to setup 1 on 1 Training session with time that works the best with there schedule)

(Youth Gaming League  and online Tournaments will be hosted weekly)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)

Gaming Club & High School eSports   

(Open Lab)

(Open Lab)


Youth Casual Gaming & eSports  Events

Youth Casual Gaming & eSports  Events

Laser Tag Casual Gaming & Live Streaming

(Open Lab)

  Noble Minds Institute previously St. Matthew Central School in Uptown New Orleans..We are located on the second floor and we utilize classrooms and large auditorium.

Our Location

1333 South Carrollton New Orleans

Program Membership Benefits

  • Earn Scholarships
  • Earn Microsoft Certifications
  • Discount Pricing on all IGL Events & Camps
  • Establish Your Own Portfolio & Website
  • Create & Promote Content
  • Host & Commentate Youth Gaming Tournaments
  • Compete with Students all over Louisiana
  • Meet and Work with Industry Professionals
  • Free Snacks and drinks during onsite programing
  • Free meal ticket for all onsite events

Circuit points are awarded for every placement within each eSports tournament or DATA League challenges throughout the year and accumulated for the individual students and Youth Team the student is representing. During the season on eezers.com all students will be able to check the Leaderboard to see Youth Team  and individual rankings and placements.

After the final event of the season, NOLA Gaming Festival, all points are added up.

 Student prizes and  Scholarships will be awarded to the top  finishers in each category.


Prizes Points & Scholarships

(Past Nola Gaming Fest Event)

Membership Pricing

Onsite Plan


  • $50 a month January 2019-May 2019

Registration begins January 1st 2019

For any questions email: derek@igl.gg