Q1. Which e-commerce company recently announced to eliminate single-use plastic from its packaging by June 2020?


Q2. SAR is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed per unit mass by a human body when exposed to a radiofrequency electromagnetic field.

It is commonly used to measure power absorbed from mobile phones and during MRI scans.

What does SAR stand for?

Specific Absorption Rate

 Q3. This is a logo for a research project on Google .This deals with creating music using machine learning and other technologies. Name it


Q4.Here is the cover of a recently released book. Fill in the blank. A well known company name

Q5. To incentivize cyber security researchers with additional rewards and benefits, which MNC has launched an industry-first loyalty programme called Hacker Plus?


Q6. Which state government recently waived road tax for electric vehicles?


Q7. Google has renamed the G Suite brand. What is the new name?

Q8. Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook exclusive for college students, first in the US only. Here the student can have a different profile different from their regular FB profile. What is the name if this offering ?

Q9. Which company acquired arm, a semiconductor manufacturing company for $40 billion?

Q10. With the recent fund raising the valuation of Byju’s has become over $10 Bn. Thus it is no longer a Unicorn. What is the start-up industry jargon for a company that has more than 10 Bn $ valuation?


Q11. New logo of which company?


Q12. Identify this founder

Fabrica Grinda, OLX

Q13.  Microsoft will be launching a cloud based gaming service soon, what will it be called ?

Microsoft xCloud

Q14.  On the 116th birth anniversary of JRD Tata, Tata Group has released a new font inspired by his handwriting. What is the font called ?

Jeh Font

Q15. Samsung launched the SpaceSelfie campaign allowing fans to send their selfies into the edge of the atmosphere. To do so they launched a Galaxy S10 5G into space using high-altitude balloons and created a dedicated Mission Control platform. Later the project failed due to some reason, what was the reason?

Samsung’s ‘SpaceSelfie’ Satellite Crash Landed

Q16. Why is the product below in Guinness World Record?

OmniVision OV6948 

This is the smallest-ever image sensor.

Can be used to scan inside the human body

Q17. Identify the company from the logo?


Q18. Founded by Nick Woodman as Woodman Labs, Inc, the company eventually focused on the connected sports genre, developing its line of action cameras and, later, video editing software. It is based in San Mateo, California.

Which company?


Q19. In December 2018, Nvidia researchers distributed a preprint with accompanying software introducing StyleGAN, a GAN for producing an unlimited number of (often convincing) portraits of fake human faces.

In February 2019, Uber engineer Phillip Wang used the software to create X, which displayed a new face on each web page reload.

What is X?

An image generated by a StyleGAN that looks deceptively like a portrait of a young woman. This image was generated by an artificial intelligence based on an analysis of portraits.

Q20. Prior to the acquisition by X, the α branding had already been used on the Japanese market by Minolta for their AF camera system.

Today after acquiring Konica Minolta, the brane name Alpha is being used by X for their DSLR, SLT, ILCA, NEX ILCE Camera series. Identify X?


Q21. Which company has bagged a NASA contract to build 4G telecom network on the Moon?


Q22. X is a crowdsourced online dictionary created by Aaron Peckham for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto "Define Your World.

IBM's Watson was programmed to use X, and later a swear filter was applied.

Aaron Peckham

Q23. Urbandictionary defines X as a professional trivia geek, with a vast and terrifying knowledge of all things obscure, obtuse, and irrelevant.

X is also the name of an Electric vehicle company that focuses on an online-only purchase model for selling the product with doorstep service.

Identify X?

Q24. Who welcoming whom via tweet?

Dunzo welcoming Swiggy when they launched swiggy stores 

Q25. Ben Rattray launched the website X from his house in 2007. The site has gone through multiple iterations, starting as a social network for social activism, then changing into a cause-based blogging platform, then transitioning to what we see today.

Which popular website?