salvēte comitēs!

(hi friends!)

salvē comes!

(hi friend!)

Gradus Latīnus Secundus Honorātus



  • crās: probātiō minor dē vocābulīs capitulī iii et grammaticīs
  • ​Probātiō Māior ii septimānīs

Quī diēs est hodiē?

Quae est Tempestās hodiē?


Camera Freeze Frame

Final Products:

  • A script of 12 sentences, culled from the original story
  • 12 digital images, clearly numbered to match the sentences they depict

Core Roles:


Sentence Person


Camera Operator




  1. Gather & Share info next week
  2. Using that info, we all try to make bread for the Thursday after that
    1. ​document our journeys?

What did Roman Bread Taste Like?

  1. Compile list of Ingredients & amounts?
  2. Figure out what appliances & utensils were necessary
  3. Baking time & temperature
  4. Comparison of ancient Roman bread to modern
  5. How big and what shape should Roman bread be?
  6. Where would the ingredients come from? Authentic modern equivalents?