Research of the best possible solution

(Intranet|CRM|Knowledge base)

Jaro Šatkevič                    19th of February, 2016

Analized solutions

  • Zoho CRM
  • Revamp CRM
  • ClinchPad
  • HubSpot
  • SkyTech
  • Scoro
  • Bitrix24
  • Pipedrive


  • Odoo
  • Sugar CRM
  • vTiger
  • ERP5
  • ERP Next



  • Agencyblock
  • Insly
  • FinanceFox
  • BaseCRM
  • Nutshell
  • Bullhorn CRM
  • NetSuite
  • Radius
  • TeamGate
  • SalesForce

+ Microsoft Dynamics

Base CRM

  • Good interface

  • Email integration!

  • Call from browser

  • Solid reporting

Price: $75-$125/seat/month



Allow to call directly from CRM and track all calls.

Supports possibility to send and receive email (reads your current mailbox)

Have Chrome extension.



   - Contacts (with timeline)

   - Companies/Contacts

   - Deals (List|Board views)

   - Tasks (List|Board|Agenda views)

   - Dashboard (with some kind of stats)

In general I liked their design and user experience.



Good Kanban style deal flow view. Very intuitive design. Functionality limited as much as possible.



  • Deals (kanban|timeline views)

  • Mail

  • Activities (Meetings, Tasks, Call, Email, Deadline, Lunch)

  • Contacts (People|Companies)

  • Products

  • Statistics


Good API, Google Apps integration. Import/Export possibility

List of integrations:

Pricing: 12 Eur + VAT user/month



It's OpenSource ERP solution with CRM module.

Has a lot of other modules which we could use. Also they promise, that it's easily possible to code additional module if needed.


The are consultants in Lithuania:

   - Sandas

Sales Force


The King of corporate cloud software!

​Highly customisable, has a lot of modules and apps, allows to create additional apps on top of their platform. There are even a few templates for insurance broker companies.




Pricing: $65-$250 user/per month

UI solutions I liked

  • Kanban boards for tasks and deals;
  • Selected deal's status visualization using steps;
  • Fast navigation (a.l.a. Asana) for tasks and opportunities;
  • History/TimeLine in Clients cards;
  • Inbox style of interface for incoming client requests;
  • List of last taken steps (SalesForce) or tab based navigation (toic);
  • Global search (everywhere) and apps submenu (Odoo).

Deals - Pipedrive

Deals - HubSpot

Deals - Odoo

Deal view - Pipedrive

Deal view - SalesForce

Tab navigation & deal view - TOIC

Client view - HubSpot

Client card - SalesForce

Client card -

Inbox - Pipedrive

Apps screen - Odoo

Apps view - SalesForce

SalesForce Home

Notes - SalesForce

Tasks - SalesForce

4 types of CRMs

1) Sales Force (corporate, customisable, cloud-based)]

2) Cloud based: Pipedrive, Hubspot, BaseCRM...

3) Open Source: Odoo, vTiger ...

4) Own (custom built)


What to choose?

It depends on what you want ;)

Simple and now

"Tiesiog noriu sekti savo pardavimus, gal dar prijungčiau kelias kitas grupęs. Kai bus 'BigSystem', tada galėsime migruoti, bet dar visiškai neaišku kada tai bus o dirbti noriu jau dabar."


Solution: Nauduok on-line CRM sistemas:

                  Pipedrive, HubSpot, BaseCRM.


Good solution as fast as possible

"Noriu 'good enought' CRM/ERP sprendimo į kurį migruos visa kompanija, reikėtų geros integracijos, bet pradėti norėčiau kuo greičiau."


Solution: Galima imti Saleforce (cloud solution) arba Odoo (OpenSource) ir juos priderinti sau. Tai bus tikrai solid sprendimai. Gal ne iki galo bus priderinta prie kompanijos noro turėti "elektorninį vedlį", bet bus good enough. Abieju sistemų diegimas/priderinimas užtrūks nuo 3-jų iki 6-šių mėnesių.

Price: apie 50-100K EUR / year už salesforce arba ~15k EUR už Odoo pritaikymą sau. 

Best solution I can achieve

"I want best solution You can achieve (good user experience, maximally meets our needs). T.y. sistema vėliau turėtų/galėtų apkeisti BA, bet kol kas tegu išsprendžia tai ko BA nedaro arba daro blogai." 


  1. Kompanijos IT sukurs sistema, kai tam ateis laikas (pasinadojant kitų CRM geriausiomis praktikomis).

  2. Outsource kompanija gali sukurti reikiamą spredimą (pradedant darbus jau dabar) į procesą įtraukiant ir BL IT, kad vaikinai vėliau galėtų patys plėsti sistemą. Manau tai užtrūks kažkur 1.5 metų (kol bus įmanoma visiškai perduoti sistemą, t.y. joje bus visi main needed parts), bet naudotis sitema galima bus pradėti jau už 6 mėn nuo darbų pradžios. 




API Layer

Calculators, BA WS, Integrations etc.


Client portal

Integrated solution with modules for any need

It should change all BA parts step by step by adding a lot more functionality with new level of quality.

BLICK modules

  1. Sales (CRM)
  2. Data (objects, polises etc.)
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Intranet
  5. Client servicing (retail UVS + service desk)
  6. Reporting/Analytics
  7. Claims
  8. ...

Sales / CRM

  • Activities (tasks|renewals|reminders)
  • Deals|Pipeline

    Deals sorted by steps according to BL process. Each deal step may have additional functionalities.

  • Clients

    List of clients. Each client cards has stored activities and links into all related deals, objects, contacts, invoices, policies etc.

  • Leads (list of opportunities/clients we can get)
  • Data 
    • ​Insurers (with info from KB)
    • Competitors
    • Invoices
    • Questionnaires
    • Documents | Tools

Data (sandėlis)

  • Policies
  • Contacts
  • Insurers
  • Invoices
  • Objects (Property|Fleet|Employees)

Knowledge base

  • ​Insurance products: classificator + KB info + related tools (e.g. questionnaires)
  • Insurers (KB info, contacts, attached news, list of policies etc.)
  • Business areas
  • Risk management
  • IT tools
  • The process (step by step  + explanations + possibility to configure/update it)
  • Documents/Files


  • Feed (conversations)
  • News (attach the to client, insurer, competitor etc.)
  • Events
  • Photos
  • Workspaces

Client servicing

  • Retail UVS (simplified deals board|list)
  • Service desk (client email request management)
  • Call center stuff
  • Clients (list of retail clients and client cards)
  • Objects (Transport|Property|People) with search


Any kind of reporting and analytics.



By Jaro


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