Recap 6/13/2013

We Are

All Makers!

Kill the
Pixel Perfect

The Myth of information "architecture"

We are not building permanent structures

We are building virtual structures

Waterfall Methodology

These guys expect everything buttoned up ->

prototyping starts here :(

|-- discover --|
|-- define --|
|-- design --|
|-- develop --|

Enter Agile

Let's talk about prototyping!

We spend so much time telling when the point  of the prototype is to be showing?

A good prototyping tool...

  • Structure (wireframes)
  • Visual Layer
  • Responsive
  • Interactive
  • Core Web Technologies
  • Reusable code

Design for the User

What resolution should we be designing for?


Keep a range of
resolutions in mind...

But DESIGN for the user & the content

From UX to CX

User Experience is different
than Customer Experience
(according to Forrester Research)

A little timeline

Age of manufacturing

Age of distribution

Age of information

Age of the customer


Making stuff

for other