We are 




  • Strengthen CSS community
  • Close the gap between social science, data science, computer science and mathematics
  • Spread computational social science


How WE do THIS:

  • Seminars and presentations                              
  • Best practises
  • Workshops


Website: https://cssamsterdam.github.io/



  • >300 top researchers in computational science, complexity, and social science

  • Studying social phenomena in economics, sociology, health, communication, etc.

  • 50% computer scientists, 30% social scientists and 20% mathematicians

  • Using computational methods: Network analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, modeling, etc.


Warm-up school: 15-16th July

Datathon: 17th July

Conference: 18-20th July

    (deadline abstract submission: Feb 10th)


Expected: ~40 people, mainly computer scientists working on social systems.


Looking for: Two interesting questions and two datasets

IC2S2 Conference






  1. Smartphone addiction: How do the norms around smartphones evolve? How does users' smartphone behavior relate to the user’s social network and the smartphone behavior of her peers?
  2. Health: What are the trends and developments in online discussions forums on health topics, such as burnout?
  3. The spread of fake news: How do humans combine, process and spread fake information? Can we detect fake new by its diffusion patterns?
  4. Mobility patterns and inequality: How does your socioeconomic position affect your transport opportunities?
  5. Cyberbullying: how can we detect and combat cyberbullying in online social networks?
  6. Innovation: What drives the success of teams of people?
  7. Science: how does data on scientific collaboration and citation help us make better research teams or understand scientific success?
  8. Gender inequality: Is there an algorithmic gender-bias in online search engines?  
  9. Culture evolution: Can we detect the next new trend in music-genre by user listeners behavior on, e.g. SoundCloud?


ADS Partner Meeting

By Javier GB

ADS Partner Meeting

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