Javier Garcia-Bernardo

Who/what do I say I am:

  • Frustrated biotechnologist: León (Spain)
    • Lab coats don't fit me well, food/coffee is not allowed, ethics.
    • I found you can actually study cells with computers.
  • Computer scientist / complex systems: Vermont
    • I started to become interested in social systems.


Who/what am I really:

  • Political scientist: Amsterdam
    • Patterns used by multinationals to evade taxes (which type of corporate structures do they use, what are the weakest parts, how does this affect the world)

Javier Garcia-Bernardo


  • Social/Economic systems:
    • Plenty of data.
    • Interesting questions.
  • Biological systems:
    • Little data to prove your models work.
  • Outdoors, bikes, sports, beer and naps.


#economic_networks: "Can we predict M&A and get rich?"

#city_development: "Stories of cities". How cities develop based on the current industries and links to other industries.

Javier Garcia-Bernardo

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Javier Garcia-Bernardo

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