Trunk Club Tech Blog

Just got custom-tailored

Current blog on tumblr

Rich content. Minimalist design.

A history

12 months old
24 posts
4 employees pictured

What's the most prevalent #tag today?
What was the first photo?


Movember + “do the tiger!”

Going to new lengths

What our tech blog ought to be

befitting of its audience
a discussion forum
open source

Investigated Jekyll

Ruby-based static site generator so popular that...

It spawned a monster

Octopress extends Jekyll

A blogging framework for hackers.

Octopress at-a-glance

CMS-free static site
Mobile-first responsive design
Theming with SASS/Compass
3rd party integrations
A slick plug-in architecture
Deployment ready

Just try it on

A composite architecture

hosted on Github pages

automatic deployments
author pages online

app in source and content in master

Hosted on GitHub Pages

Heroku deploy and Rsync available too

Automatic deployments

Travis-CI polls for changes and takes care of the rest

Author pages online 

create and edit posts online using or GitHub

System diagram


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trunkclub techblog

By Josh Habdas

trunkclub techblog

Discussing the framework chosen for Trunk Club's new Tech Blog.

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