Cutting down on Content Debt

Who is this Josh?

Alternatively, an Introduction.

What’s content debt?

It's a lot like technical debt: the idea that writing easy code instead of reliable code will create compounding issues
for a website farther on down the road.

Several Months Later...

or in other words...

5 Types of Content Debt

  1. Misspellings / bad grammar
  2. Poor image selection
  3. Inconsistent formatting
  4. Junk markup
  5. Unused shortcodes

1. Misspellings and Bad Grammar

2. Poor Image Selection

Images should be of consistent

quality, size and position. 

3. Inconsistent Formatting

Do we format phone numbers

like (123) 123-1234, or 123.123.1234?

Trust the WordPress Theme Content Styles

Choose a format, and document it.

Embrace Continuous Improvement

Type 4: Junk Markup


<li style="line-height:1.8">A list item</li>
<p class="p1">Some paragraph text</p>
<div class="description">I wanted this 
without the "div" tag.</div>

With Junk Markup

<li>A list item</li>
Some paragraph text
I wanted this without the "div" tag.

Without Junk Markup

Better Search Replace Pro

Type 5. Unused WordPress Shortcodes


Remove Orphan Shortcodes

Preparing for the Future

A Formatting Guide is an Editor's Best Friend

That's all, folks!

Any questions?