Play4U or NOT?

by Kamil Gałuszka S4F Team

My bandwith is ending...

But There is Solution

So Why not buY additional 1GB

32 kbps is slow

Let's go...

What the Fur is that ;)

Take your time...

If I have 32Kbps that means that I have max 8 kb/s

So website having 1.1 mb should be downloaded in 3-4 mins right?

  • You got timeouts. Right?
  • Requests are expensive (both for server and client)
  • You have blocking JavaScript? Guess what! Your website isn't visible to time that all that JavaScript will be executed... 

I Wrote On play4U Facebook Page

What PLay is really Loosing?

What Can we Do?

Minification and compressioN Is the KiNG! :)

Thanks For Your Time!