AngularJS 1.3

One-time data binding

Two Way Data Binding

It's what makes using Angular so easy!
  Hello {{yourName}}. You are {{yourAge}}!
  Your Name: <input ng-model="yourName">
  Your Age: <input ng-model="yourAge">

AngularJS Performance

$digest   and   $$watchers

Too long...


It'll surprise you...

Enter One Time Binding

Example Usages

$scope.$watch('::doACalculation()', watchListener);

<div ng-repeat="person in ::people"> <!-- people is boundonce... -->
  {{person.age}} <!-- not bound once... -->

Demo Time!

How bad is it?
And how to use it?

kcd-recompile demo
kcd-remove-watchers demo


The magic commit

Speeding up AngularJS apps with simple optimizations by Todd Motto

bindonce module by Pasvaz



Kent C. Dodds