What Makes the Web Epic

Let's wake up

Your brain needs this 🧠

What we're doing here

Story Time

and many more...

These apps were bad

But I love them anyway

  • No permission necessary
  • Could still run today
  • World wide distribution

If I had to pick one thing that was crucial to the design of the web, it would be universality.

Tim Berners-Lee

- web developer

- 1st web developer

- developer of the web

The web is open

No central authority

The web doesn't break

"Don't break the web"

The web is everywhere

In URLs and in... everything

The web is capable

You can do so much with the web

The web is you

A melting pot of ideas

And I'm freaking grateful

The web has problems

But you can help fix them

You are epic web devs

Thank you!