What's new at GEDmatch as of April, 2022

All my slides are always online at 


The new modern looking site is live and some features are only on the "New" site... which works on phones and tablets as well as PCs

  • Better HELP plus popups for new users

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Relationship Calculator

  • Search the GEDcoms of your matches for common ancestors!

  • Auto Segment

  • Auto Kinship includes Clustering from E.J.Blom

  • Auto Trees

  • Link your kit to the MitoYDNA site

Much More HELP

The new home page has more help for new users plus messages about what's new

Both the New user? Watch "How To Use GEDmatch" and the

How to use GEDmatch come to this information page

Note the tabs to find more information

The GEDmatch Education page mixes videos and blogs on various specific topics

Using a new free account I discovered that a nice help window pops up the first time I use the one to many tool

The first time you request the one to many results also gets this help box

Plus a link to a video from Family History Fanatics

And another help box pops up when you click Tips

Click Tips to  get this popup box

Haplogroups can now be linked to MitoYDNA.org

A link and an icon shows when a kit has its haplogroup linked to its kit at MitoYDNA.org

On the edit kit page you add the MitoYDNA kit number below the haplogroup

If you have put Y or mtDNA results at mitoYDNA.org

you can link that information to the kit it goes with

by clicking on the pencil to edit that kit

Now click the green Change button to save it, then the next day it will show up on your matches' one to many

New Relationship

Prediction Tool !!



How is my niece's match of 1647 cM related to her?

Notice these are listed in order of how close, not in the order of probability


Two woman with the same father will share a full X

The Four Largest Segments



My initial study of 25% relationships did not separate maternal and paternal niblings. Since that time different chips have been used, resulting in larger segments when comparing since not all the same SNPs are tested and a missing SNP = a match

This was a trick, this is my brother's daughter's match to me

The problem with all these predictions is the many overlaps between relationships

23andme match

These images are from my preferred calculator at DNA painter based on Bettinger's data collection as well as Millard's simulations which shows both observed and simulated ranges for each relationship


A match of 774?

A match of 228?

There are now relationship predictions from the Tier 1 one to many based on the cM

Click on the total cM and a box pops up

There are now relationship predictions from the Tier 1 one to many based on the cM

CentiMorgans (cM) alone can only accurately predict parent-child, a range of possibilities is likely for all other relationships.


You have to look at the relative ages, who else they match, how the matches match each other, and segment sizes

Some of the results from my kit

Warning, it you put multiple surnames in then all those surnames have to appear in the GEDcom for it to be listed

Clicking the letters CMP takes you to the compare GEDcoms tool with the numbers filled in

Comparing GEDcoms is a great feature at GEDmatch, you can read more about it here


Example of a matching person in 2 different GEDcoms

Basic clustering hasn't changed at GEDmatch, see ... https://blog.kittycooper.com/2019/05/more-clustering-tools/

but the new tools include some new clustering!

Can software figure out the family tree from the shared DNA?

AUTO Kinship

Which fields to change in the autokinship form

The result has to be downloaded

After you download it and unzip it click on the folder Autokinship then on the HTML file autokinship to see a long page in your browser: first the clusters

My auto kinship clusters

one endogamous population grandparent, and another missing from the testing community

put your mouse on any box to see all the cluster members

clicking on any box takes you to the one to one comparison

After listing the settings used and the kits not in, next come a series of explanations, click a title to see the explanation

The next item is a list of results in a table with icons when something could be generated

Cluster 2 is my Munson grandad

lets look at the autokinship by clicking on that icon

which brings up a new html page

Since so many of my MUNSON cousins are tested ...  what would autokinship came up with for that cluster 2 green box?

Lauritz + Josephine Monsen





Pretty accurate. I have identified which child of my great great grandparents each match is descended from. Only the last one is not, he is actually descended from a sister of Josephine's


A closer look at my cousins with the one generational correction


This tool actually generates multiple kinship trees

Next is a matrix of how many cM  they each share with each other

And finally there is a list of shared segments that met your criteria

Tim Janzen did a great Rootstech talk about these new features at


Shall we look at the auto tree for my endogamous cluster?

Here are the few trees created for cluster1 - the problem is not enough kits have linked trees on GEDmatch

Gugenheimer and Thannhauser are known ancestral lines,  not Shadur 

Can this

autokinship tool

help in unknown parentage cases?


A typical kinship tree

for a solved  unknown father case 

A closer look shows most of the numbers are too small to expect accuracy

A current unknown father case

A current unknown father case, close up

The answer is that for unknown parentage cases these kinship charts tell us whose trees to build, rather than being much of a shortcut

Until more people upload trees, the autotree tool is not that useful

The autotree tool does let you select a cM thresholds

But it uses the old GEDmatch clustering, which does appear on your page so no download is required

Note the tabs - click on the AutoTree AutoCluster Analysis

The autotree analysis

Click on the only tree it made

However doing some basic genealogy will discover that Anna and Carl are siblings

This auto tree was for my father's 2nd cousin, it finds the common ancestor for another cousin but does not go far enough back for my dad

So far I am very happy with the Verogen custodianship of GEDmatch