Using the tools at GEDmatch
to look at Ancestry Composition

a free third party site for DNA test comparisons and more

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To Look at Ancestry Composition at GEDmatch
Note that it is called Admixture there

  • All calculators are created by citizen scientists

  • No admixture calculator can be guaranteed

  • The results have a link to the creator's home page

  • Click on Admixture (heritage) to see your choices

  • Which one is best depends on where your ancestors are from

First you have to pick a AdMix Calculator


Start with the MDLP project World-22 calculator to get an overview

Once you choose a calculator you are presented with further options; note that the number at the end of each name is the number of reference populations the result is divided among

Admix Choices

  • MDLP – world 22 - General
  • Dodecad - General and Africa
  • Eurogenes – best for Europeans, has some special extras (jewish, hunter gatherer)
  • HarappaWorld – best for South Asia
  • Ethiohelix – best for African, use Africa+French with European mixture
  • North Europe does best in Eurogenes K12
  • K13, the default, is good for most Europeans
  • EU K15 is the latest and greatest
  • Jtest will show you if you have any jewish ancestry
  • The hunter gatherer versus farmer may amuse you

Jtest result for a 100% Ashkenazi Jewish person

East Med, Western Asian, and Middle Eastern all can be Ashkenazi too

Admix Summary

  • The Eurogenes Jtest is only useful if you are not sure if you have any Jewish ancestry
  • For European ancestry use a Eurogenes calculator
  • For South Asian ancestry use the HarappaWorld calculator
  • For African American use the African + French in the Ethiohelix calculator
  • All are based on tested populations plus self reported ancestry
  • No test is 100% accurate; this is an evolving science

N.B. The actual results pages will always have a list on the left with actual numbers as on that last slide.

Questions on the Admix Tools?

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GEDmatch: Ancestry Composition Tools

By Kitty Cooper

GEDmatch: Ancestry Composition Tools

Using the tools at GEDmatch to look at Ancestry Composition - Presentation by Kitty Cooper

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