Using your DNA test results with jewish ancestry,
some case studies

By Kitty Munson Cooper
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Where to Test? See
  • Family Tree DNA only place for Y and mtDNA testing, has projects
  • 23andme gives health results, haplogroups
  • is least likely to have matches for recent immigrants

Y Haplogroups

Jewish Y Haplogroups: J1c3, J2a cohanim
R1a1 most Levites
E1a1 is frequent
Others: various J subgroups, T1, and E1

from Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog


Jewish maternal Near Eastern lines K1a9 and N1b2

Case 1- Nancy, brother Gerry, mother Evelyn
Y haplogroup J M172, mtDNA haplogroup N1b Ancestry Composition

Nancy Eurogenes Admixes

Case 2 - Jean, 75% jewish
One grandparent from the Phillipines


Case 3 - Victoria, sephardic heritage from Azores

Case 3 - Victoria, Jtest results



Nancy's Mother
parents share 45 cMs

Relationship Chart from ISOGG wiki at:
Above, results in my family, see also this paper

What Endogamy does to shared cMs in Lara's family

fromBlaine Bettinger's Shared cM project -

3rd Cousins

Kitty's Guidelines for Jewish DNA Matches

  • At least one segment > 20 cM
  • Another segment > 10 cM
  • Several more good sized segments

Nancy's Top Matches List Family Tree DNA

Nancy's MatchesSorted by Longest Block Family Tree DNA

Nancy's brother's largest segment matches

These large segments plus one more not showing make about 100cM for actual 3rd cousins

Nancy's and Mr Hruska's great great grandparents grave

Ancestry DNA automated tree matching

Jean's GEDmatch One to Many

Jean's Ancestry Matchesy

Jean's Ancestry Matches

  • Upload your test results to and

  • Post your family tree everywhere
  • Send a contact message with surnames of gg-grandparents and localities to your best matches