What's new at GEDmatch - i4GG 2018

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GEDmatch has updated their terms of service ...

Immediately after the GSK announcement I changed all my cousin's kits to research and then asked them whether they wanted to be in this database

Changing a kit to research means it will not come up in anyone's one-to-many but can still be used by you in its own one-to-many and in a one-to-one

Some GEDmatch Statistics

  • 1.2M kits on GEDmatch + GENESIS
  • Daily 900-1000 kits are uploaded
  • The Day of the GSK: deletions = uploads
  • After GSK, deletions quickly tapered off

Soon GEDmatch will stop taking uploads, but that home page will still be available, time to switch to GENESIS

GEDmatch was founded to let you compare autosomal DNA results from different companies with powerful tools

The problem became that the various companies changed to newer chips and test for different not completely overlapping sets of SNPs

The GENESIS one to many for my LivingDNA kit

Kits uploaded directly to GENESIS get assigned kit ids that start with a pair of random letters while migrated kits keep the A,T,M, and H single letters

My brother's Ancestry kit that was uploaded to Genesis

Kits migrated to GENESIS will show an overlap of 0 with other migrated kits - they are all on the old GEDmatch template and have not yet been cross matched with the Genesis kits

My brother's migrated Ancestry kit

The Genesis home page is attractive and much more compact than the GEDmatch home page

The Edit page for a kit is very intuitive

Functions available at GENESIS so far

FIR only version of my comparison of my brother and my Ancestry kits

GENESIS X one to one, me and my brother

Functions available at GENESIS so far

No Change

No Change

The DNA File Diagnostic Utility output in the GENESIS version

GEDmatch analysis of brother's Ancestry (previous chip)

GENESIS analysis

GEDmatch analysis of new Ancestry chip

new Ancestry chip

old Ancestry chip

Multiple Kit Analysis is only on the Tier 1 menu - but you can always get there by checking the boxes and clicking Visualization Options

The multiple kit selection form lets you add more kits by typing or selecting from your list of kits in a drop down

Same as GEDmatch

Same as GEDmatch

Many new features for Multi Kit Analysis

Being able to do a matching segment search for just the selected kits is a new feature

Being able to do a triangulation for just the selected kits is a new feature

My Chromosome Browser at Genesis

Some new matrix options

the Autosomal matrix is clickable to the one to one

The Fully Identical Region CM's Matrix Comparison - only siblings and other doubly related people have these FIRs

Except for Q matching the Tier 1 tools have the same functionality as GEDmatch

So what is missing in GENESIS??

TAG groups are missing

All the GEDcom related functions are only available at GEDmatch

Some experimental Tier 1 tools

  • Relationship Tree Projection
  • Triangulation Groups
  • My Evil Twin Phasing

Some of the fun not too serious stuff

  • Eye Color
  • Archaic Matches

More Missing Tools