Getting Started With Ember

Kyle Coberly

What Is Ember?

  • "A framework for making ambitious web applications"
  • "More productive out of the box"
  • An MVC framework, I guess
  • Community-driven
  • Not Angular
  • Not React

Why Use It?

  • Fast development
  • No bike-shedding
  • Rich ecosystem
  • An ember app is an ember app is an ember app
  • Best practices are baked in
  • It's a lot of fun

Key Concepts

Ember CLI

  • Use it!!!
  • Assumes you know promises, modules, and ES2015
  • The beating heart of your app development
  • Scaffolding
  • Generation
  • Dev Server
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Updating
  • Add-ons

Object Model

  • Getters/Setters
  • Different array methods
  • Mixins
  • Inheritance
  • Computed properties
  • Observers
  • Aliasing


  • Router matches a URL to a route object
  • Route object:
    • Looks up data
    • Sets it on a controller
    • Renders a template
    • Handles actions


  • Use handlebars syntax
  • Awesome superset of standard handlebars
  • Can use custom helpers

Controllers & Views

  • Views are removed in 2.0
  • Controllers are deprecated in 2.0, but still invisibly exist
  • Views used to turn primitive events into semantic events
  • Controllers used to bind data to templates and catch actions
  • All of this is handled by components now


  • Controller + View + Template === Component
  • Reusable
  • Isolated functionality- pass data in, pass actions out


  • Controller without a template === Service
  • Application-wide state and functionality
  • Injected into components


  • Models are the structure of your data
  • Adapters handle access to your server
  • Serializers format requests and responses

Let's Build An App!!


Thank You!

Copy of Getting Started With Ember

By Kyle Coberly

Copy of Getting Started With Ember

Beginner's walkthrough

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