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August 2015


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Denver Startup Week

Ben and Ron from Ibotta is presenting about Ember. Show support!

Slack Channel

#meetup-emberjs and #help-emberjs on Denver Devs! Join at join.denverdevs.com

276 Thank Yous to Ian!

I'll Try Not To Break Anything.

My Goals

  • Meetup Consistency
  • Broadcasting/Archiving
  • Non-Profit Status

Ember News!

Ember 2.0 Is Gold!

  • No more views
  • Controllers are almost gone
  • No IE8 support

Planned For the 2.x Series

  • LTS versions
  • Mandatory documentation
  • Better deprecations
  • Svelte builds
  • Ember Data & Ember CLI version sharing
  • Angle bracket components
  • One-way bindings
  • Finalizing Pods
  • Routeable components
  • Fastboot

Ember Data Hits 2.0

  • Find methods have been updated
  • Record caching is different
  • Async relationships are the default

Docs Redesign

  • Skinnier
  • Uses CLI Syntax
  • Includes Services, Inspector and Dependencies

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Town Hall


Meetup Location?

Presentation Ideas?

Other Community Stuff?

Thank you for making this awesome.

Ember Denver August 2015

By Kyle Coberly

Ember Denver August 2015

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