Ember Denver

November 2015



Open Source Night!

  • Documentation
  • Language
  • Graphics
  • Digabit is close!
  • Possibly one in December

December Survey

  • Help us make 2016 a winner!
  • New officer roles


  • Ember and Ember Data 2.2 is out
  • Fast Boot is in beta
  • Ember 101 is free-as-in-beer and open source
  • Contextual components
  • EmberConf March 29th & 30th
  • EmberConf CFP open now

Looking For Work?

Looking To Hire?

2015 In Review

  • Ember, Distributed Systems, and Africa w/ Mike Pack
  • Ember Routing w/ Steve Kinney
  • Adapters & Serializers w/ Dave Wasmer
  • Ember CLI Basics w/ Tom Leskin
  • Customizing Adapters w/ Kyle Coberly
  • Searchable Apps w/ Ron White
  • Ember Vocab w/ Kyle Coberly
  • The Explode API w/ Brett Barrett
  • Backends for Ember Apps w/ Scott Ribe
  • Getting Started with Testing w/ Ben Limmer
  • Corner-Cases in Data Modeling w/ Kyle Coberly
  • Animating with Liquid Fire w/ Ian Storz
  • HTTP Mocks w/ Kyle Coberly
  • Deploying Location-Aware Apps w/ Ben Limmer
  • Ember and Firebase with Alex Brinkman
  • The Adapter Pattern w/ Denise McCoy
  • Getting Started with Ember CLI w/ Ian Storz
  • 3 Project Nights
  • 11 Beginner Track Presentations
  • 345 visits

Let's Party!

Ember Denver November 2015

By Kyle Coberly

Ember Denver November 2015

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