Operation: Shrike

Current Problems

  • "Mastery" is not mastery
  • Standards aren't standard
  • No external alignment
  • Weighting, granularity, and sequence of standards
  • Uphill battle for rolling and blended


1. Consistent (not peak) performance

2. Application in context


"Diagram Web Requests"



"Diagram web requests"


  • Externally-aligned (TTP)
  • (Generally) Technology agnostic
  • Shared, common assessments
  • Spiraled



  • Foundational Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Applied Technical Skills
  • Experience & Exposure
  • Professional Skills & Interests


Applied Technical Skills

Work efficiently using the terminal

Level I: Manage & navigate a file system

Level II: Demonstrate common UNIX commands

Level III: Write a shell script that accomplishes a described task

Learning Process

  • Learn
  • Practice
  • Drill
  • Apply

Learning Process

  • Learn - Articles, Bue, External Resources, Learn
  • Practice - Exercises, Inline CFUs, Optional Perf. data
  • Drill - Assessments, Checkpoints, Required for mastery
  • Apply - Projects, Required for mastery, also spiraled

Learning Process

Common Questions

  • What about autonomy?
    • Fixed in the right places, flexible in the right places
  • What about slow/fast students?
    • Tons of flexibility
  • What about my market?
    • Should be agnostic enough
  • Will this be more work?
    • The same amount of work, but more of the right work​​​
  • What about modularity?
    • Rolling comes from personalization, not modularity


  • Shared, externally-aligned standards and assessments
  • Confidence in student performance
  • Sets us up for rolling and data-driven instruction

Let's build a great school!


By Kyle Coberly

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