• JAMstack FTW – Static Site Generation with Vue

    The JAMstack is the new way of building modern web applications and has evolved over the years. In this session, I’ll give an introduction to Gridsome, A static site generator with Vue.js. How we can leverage the JAMstack in building awesome websites with Gridsome also gives the audience a view on what they can achieve with Gridsome. So that by the end of this talk, attendees will understand how to build a website using Gridsome, and all the possibilities they can leverage by using JAMstack to build blazing-fast websites with better performance and great security.

  • A First Timer's Guide To Contributing To Open Source

    Vue Vixens workshop content

  • Debugging Like a Boss: A Developer's Guide to Great Debugging Experience

    Talk was given at DenverScript Meetup

  • Vue Vixen Lagos Meetup

    Introduction to Vue Vixens and what we do as a community.

  • Building Your Network As A Newbie In The Tech Community

    In this talk, I'll be sharing how you can build your personal brand and tips on improving your network to grow your career in tech.


    As developers, we are constantly trying to churn out work and we often find ourselves distracted from doing the actual work. I'll be sharing tips on how to stay productive as a developer and tools to help automate this process.


    This talk will be focused on the problems with documenting software and how you can leverage Vuepress as a solution for writing rich documentation. You’ll also learn the features of Vuepress and how it differs from other static site generators.