Vue Vixens

Publicly revealed in Amsterdam in Feb, 2018

We teach Vue.js to women and those who identify as such


We do workshops!




30 events

workshops, lunch 'n' learns, breakfasts, and chapter meetups

Our First Skulk, Vue.Us New Orleans

Vue Vixens Day

Buenos Aires 7/2018

Posh in Paris, Vue Roadtrip

Biggest Skulk: Raleigh at All Things Open, 10/18

DevFest, Mauritius

Vue Vixens, Lagos 03/19

495+ women directly impacted by our project in meetups and skulks

More stats!

498 Slack members



82,700+ Views

5 Authors


4000+ followers

And 20+ Chapters with 20+ Chapter Leaders

All over the world!

We are a team

Michele Cynowicz

CTO Vue Vixens

Worldwide Community Bawse

Founder Vue Vixens

...and a lot more!

Our Amazing Chapter Leaders!

Thank you!

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Vue Vixen Lagos Meetup

By Gift Egwuenu

Vue Vixen Lagos Meetup

Introduction to Vue Vixens and what we do as a community.

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