Listening Skill

How to improve it quickly and speak more fluently.


 Legal English Boost

The advantages of focusing on this frequently neglected and underestimated skill:

1. You feed your brain

with the language

2. You recall vocabulary easier because

you give “food” to your brain first

3. You activate the rule:

“First reception, then production”

– first listen, then speak

4. You need to listen because

we write and talk differently

5. You listen to authentic

and natural English

6. You listen to the

collocations in use

7. Free downloadable materials

are available online 24/7

8. Exposure to the language is unlimited


9. You listen to different accents and

registers (formal/ informal/ neutral)


10. Your pronunciation improves

11. Your intonation and stress improve


12. YOU choose the topics of YOUR interest

13. You take your learning process

in your own hands

14. You don’t have to go abroad

to listen to native speakers

15. You can listen to the material twice or more


16. You can do other things while listening,

not so when you read

Your overall improvement is GUARANTEED