Decision Day: Class of 2019

May 1st, National Decision Day, is a monumental day for many seniors. It is a well-known tradition for students to announce which college they have committed to for the next few years by wearing their respected college apparel. We invited some Mounds View seniors to share their education plans after graduation.

by Rebecca Li and Michelle Sung

slideshow by Leon Wang

Background Image: University of Iowa campus courtyard, Flickr (Tony Webster)

"I chose this school because their honors college gave me a lot of opportunities that other colleges wouldn’t. I wanted to go to a Big Ten school and they had the major I wanted. I’m most excited about being able to go to football games, make new friends and finally being able to study things that truly interest me!”

~ Samantha Stucky, University of Iowa

Background Image: Liggett-Koenig Hall,  Washington University in St. Louis, Wikimedia Commons

“The thing I’m most excited about is that there’s a Chipotle that’s only TWO minutes away! As to why I chose this school, I think the academics at WashU are really good and I just got a feeling. Go Bears!”

~ Serena Chan, Washington University in St. Louis

Background Image: UC Berkeley tower, Wikimedia Commons

“I’m really excited because they’re well known for computer science and there’s tons of companies there that focus on computer science. I also really like the location!”

~ Akash D'Souza, University of California, Berkeley

Background Image: University of Notre Dame, campus view, Wikimedia Commons

“Both my parents went there, so since a young age I’ve loved the university. I’ve probably went to their football games every year since I was three. The academics are really good and I love the atmosphere of the faith they have there and the athletics.”

~ Nate Moller, University of Notre Dame

“I’ve enjoyed my years in high school, but I’m ready for something new. I’ll be running three different sports in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track so that will be year round. It’s going to be a lot of fun, but I’m also going to have to learn about time management.”

~ Austin Streit, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Background Image: University of Minnesota Northrop Mall, Wikimedia Commons

“I love the campus and the feel of college town. Madison has great academics and I love the school spirit everyone has!”

~ Anelise Stamper, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Background Image: Bascom Hill, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wikimedia Commons

“I’ve always loved the Twin Cities, and it’s a good school that’s close to home!”

~ Jeanne Johnson, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

“I chose Loyola because it is close to Chicago, and everything is really accessible to the students. I’ve also heard really good things about sustainability practices and political activism in the college so this interested me.”

~ Jess von Brugger, Loyola University Chicago

Background Image: Dumbach Hall, Loyola University Chicago, Wikimedia Commons

“My plan is to move into my own apartment and be a part time student at Century College in the Business Management Associates program while working full time. I chose this route to save money and stay close to home. I’m currently a PSEO student at Century, and I’m loving the environment there! I’m excited for having a fresh start and stepping my foot into the business world.”

~ Courtney Waller, Century College

Background Image: Century College West Campus, The Century Times

“I’m currently exploring social global sciences, so like philosophy, psychology, sociology, and I’m really looking forward to hanging around the mountains and meeting new friends! The school just felt right for me.”

~ Matt Schnell, Colorado State University

Background Image: Colorado State University Campus, Wikimedia Commons

“I’m majoring in computer animation. I chose this school because it’s the top art school in the U.S., and I’m really looking forward to the weather and the alligators!”

~ Audrey Wu, Ringling College of Art and Design

Background Image: Ringling College of Art and Design, AICAD, (Greg Wilson)

“I’m studying nursing. I decided to go there mainly because I got a good price for it as my dad works there, but I also really like it because I’ve been a part of that community for a while and I want to continue to be.”

~ Janessa Crane, University of Northwestern

Background Image: UNW Campus, Niche

“I am studying to get a degree in nursing. I chose MSU-Mankato because it’s the perfect distance away from school. It was actually the first school I toured, and I immediately knew it was the one and I feel I’ve made the best choice. I’m excited to become better friends with my roommate whom I’ve been talking to for about a month now, and I can’t wait to study something I’m very interested in!”

~ Brookelyn Fahey, Minnesota State University - Mankato

Background Image: MSU Mankato WIlson Campus, Wikimedia Commons

“I chose this because I thought serving my country would be cool, and wasn't quite ready to go to college yet. The main thing I'm excited for is free college and getting the heck out of high school!”

~ Alex Larson, Minnesota National Guard

Background Image: Minnesota National Guard, Camp Ripley, Flickr (Tony Webster)

Congratulations, MV Class of 2019!