Alternative Ticketing Systems

Concert Tickets: A Powerful Marketing Tool and an Efficient Way of Collecting Audience Data

The resource needed to sell tickets online and offline complexifies.


Live music venues, clubs and festivals often delegate these tasks to private companies whose objective is mainly profit.

This situation threatens live music venues, clubs and festivals as they become dependent on these private companies to sell tickets and access their ticket data.

Three Examples of Alternative Ticketing Systems in the Live DMA Network

  • SoTicket (France): a Cooperative Society by live music actors
  • Fairtix (Hamburg, Germany): a Partnership with a Private Company
  • PETZI Ticketing Service (Switzerland): an Associative Ticketing Company developed by a national live music association


(Hamburg, Germany)

How Fairtix works

They obtained from TixforGigs to renounce to half of the fees it would normally gain from the ticket sales and to reduce the expedition costs.


Instead, TixforGigs gives 1€ per ticket sold to FairTix (called the Club Euro), which will then reinject this money back into the Hamburg club scene.

Clubstiftung and Clubkombinat approached a private company, TixforGigs, to establish an alternative ticketing system.

2018: 41 Hamburg clubs used Fairtix, 55 972 Club Euros.



  • valorization of the audience as they can directly help the Hamburg scene by using FairTix (the Club Euro)


  • more visibility for Hamburg clubs as the platform presents an agenda of the events that use the FairTix initiative
  • more independence for the Hamburg club scene using circular economy and solidarity principles

Impact of Fairtix


PETZI Ticketing Service


PETZI Ticketing Service: an internal platform developed by PETZI to promote and sell concerts

What the PETZI Ticketing Service offers


  • an online ticketing system (mobile compatible, QR codes, print and no-print)
  • a reading/scanning system for venues and festivals and its support
  • a billing system to simplify the work of accountants and reduce the amount of administrative work
  • an online agenda to promote its members’ activities
  • a support system for venues & festivals / points of sale / general customers

Teamwork for Fair and Relevant Goals


The PETZI Ticketing Service is possible thanks to numerous human resource: 10 people run it.

Most of the team is made of volunteers, and special skills (accountant, developer...) are needed to develop such a fair ticketing platform, which aims at:

  • keeping the entrance fee as low as possible
  • permitting access to culture to an audience as large as possible
  • keeping Swiss venues independent from structures who want to expend their monopoly in the music industry.




At the initiative of umbrella association Fedelima, live music actors started a reflexion on alternative ticketing systems which led to the creation of SoTicket.

  • based on solidarity principles and a democratic governance
  • a ticketing system which allows the complete administration of ticketing, from the ticket sales to accountability
  • autonomizing live music producers in the management and commercialisation of their ticketing, online and offline
  • the creation of a tool for data management and extraction
  • facilitating the audience’s access to cultural practices
  • refusing the merchandisation of culture by considering the audience solely as consumers

SoTicket is...

In order to access to SoTicket, music venues, clubs or festivals need to pay a membership fee to SoCoop/SoTicket.

The fee depends on the adhesion of the music venue to SoCoop and Fedelima and is calculated from a percentage on the venue’s ticket sales revenue.


In 2019, 24 French music venues, clubs or festivals benefit from SoTicket.

How to become a SoTicket member


In a nutshell