Let's Build a Serverless

e-commerce from scratch!

Luciano Mammino (@loige)

CityJS Athens ~ 2022-05-26


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Let me introduce myself first...

👋 I'm Luciano (🇮🇹🍕🍝🤌)

👨‍💻 Senior Architect @ fourTheorem (Dublin 🇮🇪)

📔 Co-Author of Node.js Design Patterns  👉

Let's connect!

  loige.co (blog)

  @loige (twitter)

  loige (twitch)

  lmammino (github)

We are business focused technologists that deliver.

Accelerated Serverless | AI as a Service | Platform Modernisation

We are hiring: do you want to work with us?

We host a weekly podcast about AWS


Make sure all is good!

aws sts get-caller-identity
    "UserId": "XYZ",
    "Account": "123456789012",
    "Arn": "arn:aws:iam::123456789012:username"
  1. Clone fth.link/sec-repo

  2. then run: npm install

Let's also do this:

Introduction time! 🙋‍♀️🙋

Tell me in 30 secs:

Your name

Where do you work

Experience with Serverless & JavaScript

Favourite movie (or book)

  1. Clone fth.link/sec-repo

  2. then run: npm install

What are we building today? ⏱🎸

It turns out we have suddenly discovered the secret for time travel...

But there is only one rule...

NO betting or lottery 😖

So, how do we profit from this discovery?

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Let's sell tickets for the best gigs of the past! 🤑

Photo by Chris Zhang on Unsplash

Photo by Chris Zhang on Unsplash

What are we going to learn?

  • How to host a Single Page Application (SPA) on S3
  • How to write APIs with AWS Lambda and API Gateway
  • How to use DynamoDB to store the data for your APIs
  • How to process forms with AWS Lambda
  • How to store unit of works on SQS
  • How to create background workers with AWS Lambda


  • Our implementation won't be production-ready™️
  • We will cut (many) corners
  • We will favour an hands on approach and try to get something working

Let's do this! 💪

Cover Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash