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Implementing the UNESCO OER Recommendation

Towards sustainable education for all

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There is no form of educational delivery more cost-effective, scalable and sustainable than open education


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The mechanics of open education

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Open education

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Learning (OL)

Open Educational Practices (OEP)

Open Pedagogy

Open Access (OA)

Free & Open Source Software (FOSS)

Open licensing

Defining OER

OER (Open Educational Resources) are defined by UNESCO as learning, teaching, and research materials in any format and medium that:

  • reside in the public domain or released under an open license
  • that permits no-cost access,
  • plus permissions for others to re-use, re-purpose, adapt, and redistribute.

UNESCO OER Recommendation

  1. Build the capacity of stakeholders to find, re-use, creat, adapt and share OER;
  2. Develop supportive policy for OER;
  3. Ensure inclusive and equitable access to quality OER;
  4. Nurture the creation of sustainability models for OER; and
  5. Facilitate international cooperation in OER. 

The five action areas

(Note monitoring requirements targeting consolidated report for the 42nd General conference (Autumn 2023))

UNESCO OER Recommendation

  1. 2002: OER was coined at UNESCO’s Forum on the Impact of Open Courseware for Higher Education in Developing Countries
  2. 2012: Paris Declaration
  3. 2017: Ljubljana Declaration from awareness to action
  4. 2019: UNESCO OER Recommendation adopted by member states

A short history

Sustainable education


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Crossing the chasm

sharing to LEARN

learning to SHARE

OER is a renewable & sustainable resource


How do we achieve sustainable OER projects?

How will your institution remain sustainable without OER?

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