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Nurturing sustainable futures

There is no form of educational delivery more cost-effective, scalable and sustainable than open education

The numbers

Operational cost of 1 OERu year of study = 25 EFTS

Total IT infrastructure cost = NZ$6990

Avoiding the train smash of disruption

Innovative (and successful) disruption is rarely achieved by replicating delivery models of the past

How does OERu work?

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OERu concept


Global sharing - Affordable learning


A sense of the OERu partners

Startup financing model

Seed funding


Financing growth



Scaling operations

(Develop MVP)

(Investment phase)

(Business phase)

Extra-budgetary:  3.34 Million

Performance 2009 - 2018







OERu 1st year of study

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Inaugural qualification -Business


Certificate of Higher Education in Business (OERu)

Learning in a digital age

Principles of management

Introduction to entrepreneurship

Principles of marketing

Introduction to business

Introduction to project management

Principles of microeconomics

Principles of macroeconomics

Introduction to customer centred business

Introduction to operations management

Core courses (60 credits)

Optional courses (60 credits required)

94 credits


Corporate communication

Inaugural qualification - Arts


Certificate of General Studies (30 credits)

English for academic writing

Regional relations in Asia and the Pacific

Creating sustainable futures

Indigenous Australia

World history in the modern era

Introduction to psychology 1

Introduction to research methods in psychology

Art appreciation and techniques

Introduction to critical reasoning

Residency requirement (6 credits)

Transfer credit (24 credits)

26 credits


20 credits (Business)

Critical reasoning

Micro-credentials for credit

Role of the project manager

Initiating a project

Planning a project

Executing and closing a project

Introduction to project management

CertHE Business

Transcript credit

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OERu open technology

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OERu's open source NGDLE

Learning in a digital age

How you can help?


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Three things to help a small charity

Before 2020

Approve LiDA for local elective credit & join a global offering during 2019

Complete short-course approvals for OERu micro-courses in Arts and Creating Sustainable Futures

Launch a trial of an open source password management solution for Otago Polytechnic staff