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Supporting Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Pacific

2021 PHES Meeting, Papua New Guinea

Wayne Mackintosh


Nurturing sustainable futures

There is no form of educational delivery more cost-effective, scalable and sustainable than open education

Pacific OER pioneers


OER Foundation

How does OER work?

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Defining OER

OER (Open Educational Resources) are defined by UNESCO as learning, teaching, and research materials in any format and medium that:

  • reside in the public domain or released under an open license
  • that permits no-cost access,
  • plus permissions for others to re-use, re-purpose, adapt, and redistribute.

UNESCO OER Recommendation

  1. Build the capacity of stakeholders to find, re-use, creat, adapt and share OER;
  2. Develop supportive policy for OER;
  3. Ensure inclusive and equitable access to quality OER;
  4. Nurture the creation of sustainability models for OER; and
  5. Facilitate international cooperation in OER. 

The five action areas

(Note monitoring requirements targeting consolidated report for the 42nd General conference (Autumn 2023))

OERu concept


OERu micro-courses

2019 Commonwealth of Learning Award for Excellence in Distance Education Materials

Sustainable innovation options


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Strategy support offer

Following consultative needs analysis & collaborative development of a context-specific action plan

Free capacity development and certification in OER and Creative Commons licensing

Free membership to all SIDS higher education institutions to join the OERu international Outreach Partnership program

Share OERu online micro-courses to facilitate implementation of a Pacific transnational micro-credentialing framework

Digital skills for OER Sharing capacity development for school teachers to establish national OER repositories.






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From vision to reality

Many governments and higher education institutions believe in expanding affordable access to learning, but what may be difficult for institutions to deliver individually becomes possible through active OER partnerships.

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