Mycoliteracy 🍄

Collaborating with Fungi

Colin Schmid

Interaction Design 6th semester
BA Thesis
Mentors:  Dr. Joëlle Bitton, Stella Speziali, Luke Franzke



Illustration: Shafira Nugroho

Communities achieving mycoliteracy in collaboration with fungi.

🚐 Project and Exhibition

🎥 Storyboard

01 Pilzbüssli setting up

02 Mycelium growing
as structural element

03 Workshop

📊 Observations

🦾 Contribution

– Lab Equipment Build Plans

– Cultivation Protocols

– Spreading Mycoliteracy


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BA Thesis – Progress 3

By mala23

BA Thesis – Progress 3

A short presentation of my observations and lessons learned for my BA diploma during my sixth bachelor semester in Interaction Design at ZHdK. Mentors where Dr. Joëlle Bitton, Stella Speziali and Luke Franzke. Thanks to Dr. Ivano Brunner.

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