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About me

Technical Engineer in Computer Systems and Master’s degree in Ambient Intelligence

More than 10 years experience in developing software applications

Freelancer developing multi-platform mobile apps (Xamarin)

  How did the idea come about?

Not easy to access to information on the web about where the containers for recycling clothes are located

Locate recycling spots

To recycle any waste we generate in our day to day

How does it work?

Select locality or get your current location

Select type of waste or take a photo of the waste

Select your nearest recycling spot

Details of recycling spot

Tap on any recycling spot to see details and perform actions

Take a photo of the waste a detect its type automatically

Waste image recognition

Tap on add icon

New recycling spot

Enter data and tap on tick

Receive notifications/alerts from your favourite localities


Do more

Available on Google Play and App Store

Future improvements

Integrated solutions with partners


Voice assistant

Multi-language and available in other countries (soon)

Business Strategy

Contribute Circular Economy

Enhance Environmental Sustainability

Encourage Recycling *

Public Service

High Social Benefits

* Review of EU Waste Policy and Legislation aims to recycle 65% of municipal waste by 2030

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By Marcos Martínez Robles

Presentation - English

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