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❌ Designing for accessibility is time consuming and expensive

✅ If accessibility is embedded at the beginning, it’s not.

Think of accessibility as added revenue instead!

More users === more $$$


❌ Accessibility testing is the responsibility of testers

✅ It’s everyone’s responsibility

This doesn’t mean we don’t need accessibility experts or specialists.


❌ Automated Accessibility Testing is enough

✅ Automated accessibility testing accompanied with human based testing (with real users too)

Automated accessibility tests only catch 20-40% of issues.

❌ Accessibility Testing is hard

✅ Accessibility testing is hard but it can be learned. There are so many great resources out there!



❌ Being compliant to guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) means your website is accessible

✅ Different people with disabilities will use your products differently

Credit: Janet Gregory (@janetgregoryca) and Lisa Crispin (@lisacrispin)




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